Ghost in the Wires

Detail from Atlanta Hyatt Hotel.

Autor(en):Kevin Mitnick with William L. Simon
  • "Intriguing and insightful, a look into the mind of someone who truly mastered the art of social engineering with the use of a computer and modern technology. I strongly believ that we can learn a great deal about protecting ourselves once we understand how another perpetrates the crime." - Frank W. Abagnale, author of Catch Me If You Can
  • "At last, America's most famous hacker tells his headline-making story from his own point of view. The result is more than just a meticulous chronicle of Kevin Mitnick's hacks - it's an exposé of the invisible bureaucratic machinery underlying nearly every aspect of our lives, and how easily it's subverted by a smooth-talking grifter who sees all the moving parts. A fascinating read." - Kevin Poulsen, author of Kingpin
  • "Terse and snappy, Ghost in the Wires reads like Raymond Chandler and provides detailed insight into a time in computer history that already seems quaint. Kevin Mitnick was and is a true Internet pioneer." - John Perry Barlow, cofounder, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • "Ghost in the Wires is an intriguing story of Mitnick's years on the run as the FBI's most wanted computer hacker. His real life is as exciting as any Hollywood blockbuster." - Jeff Eastin, creator and executive producer of USA Network's White Collar
Cover:Ghost in the Wires